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Face Mask Making Machine

Ocean international leading manufacturer & Exporter different types of mask making machine with affordable price in India. We can make fast to making mask with help of mask making machine. We offering high quality machines such as surgical mask making machine, folded face mask machine, C-type face mask machine which is fully automatic machine for producing the folded face mask by using the ultrasonic technology to bond up to 5 layer PP non-woven, activated carbon and filter materials, cutting the folded mask body to process 3M 9001, 9002 mask body.

Mask Making Machine India

Mask Making Machine India

In corona virus cases masks are very important for all. Our company offering mask making machine with low cost. we manufacture mask making machines in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india & supplier in rajkot, Ahmedabad, pune, india, usa & other countries.


Our mask making machine is fully automatic production line, it can be realized that only one person can operate one machine even more.

The estimated cost of each mask is related to the cost of the mask making machine and raw material, it also include personnel and site cost. We can present you with the purchase price of the mask machine so far. The price of raw materials is also varying continuously, which wants to be estimated based on the local mar ket conditions.

We are particular in providing mask making equipment, while we can also make available of raw materials for our customers. However, raw materials are in short supply in the domestic market, so we can only provide raw materials for customers who purchased equipment from our company. After the confirmation of equipment purchase, we can discuss the related issues of raw materials separately.

Yes, we can. And you should only pay the freight, but the quantity is limited.

The packing size will be confirmed after we confirmed the details.

Yes, we have, but we only have few in stock. It necessitates your crucial thinking and fast decision making, which can not only help more people, but also be a very valuable project.

Yes we can. Our equipment can produce plane masks or KN95 masks, whether to prevent haze depends on the material you choose.

The packaging of mask is depending on your own choice, it depends on what kind of packaging machine you choose. Packaging machine can be purchased locally; we also can provide it as an optional configuration if you need.

3 layer mask making machine in Usa

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